Aces FAQ's:

Who are the Boston Aces?
The Boston Aces is one of the fastest growing lacrosse clubs in New England dedicated to providing youth and high school players with the tools they need to succeed both on and off the field. Our approach focuses on developing the physical and mental fitness to play the game of lacrosse at a high
level, with an emphasis on proper technique, hard work, teamwork, and leadership. Each of our outstanding coaches is committed to working with players of every skill level to put them in the best position to grow and succeed in a competitive and supportive environment. The Boston Aces offers a year-round program that includes skills sessions, team practices, games, and high level tournaments. In addition to our year-round program, we also offer drop-in skills sessions, draw clinics, position specific training, goalie training, and summer camps.

For what age groups do you have teams?
For the Boston Aces in 2017-18, we will have a Juniors program (grades K-2), and teams at the U11 level (grades 3-4), U13 level (grades 5-6), U15 level (grades 7-8), and High School level. The Juniors program is a Cross-Field Development Program structured to teach our Aces Players the proper fundamental techniques, including ground balls, throwing, catching, dodging, cradling, defensive positioning, and basic team concepts. The U11 program also is a developmental program focused on establishing technical and tactical skills that can be applied in game situations. The U11 Aces will participate in full field scrimmages and games, and have the option to participate in various tournaments throughout the year, but the primary focus at this level is not gearing up for tournaments; rather, it is continuing to focus on the fundamentals. 

How many players do you take per grade or age group?
For the Boston Aces in 2017-18, we will determine how many teams we will field after tryouts. However, we anticipate limiting the number of players on a team to 22 once those teams are formed in order to ensure a proper player to coach ratio and to provide appropriate opportunities for playing time and player development. 

How are the teams selected? 
All players who accept an invitation to join the Boston Aces will practice with their age group throughout the fall and winter sessions. Teams for the summer tournaments will be formed in early June. Once rostered on a team, players will practice and play in tournaments with their team. We believe that not assigning girls to a team immediately after tryouts, and, instead, waiting until early summer to roster the players allows the players to further develop and compete over the course of the year, while gaining exposure to more coaches and focusing on improving. At the U13, U15 and High School levels, we anticipate having one AA team, which will be the top team, and one or two A teams, depending upon the overall number of players at each age

What is included in the 2017/2018 tuition fee and are there additional fees?
For a list of items included in the Boston Aces tuition fee, plus additional “a la carte” offerings, please go to https://www.kingslax.com/aces.

What tournaments do the teams go to?
The particular tournaments the Boston Aces participate in may vary from year to year, but, in general, we choose tournaments that offer a high level of competition, while minimizing the travel burden and expense on our families. Last year the Boston Aces participated in tournaments located in in Taunton, MA, Devens, MA, Groton, MA, and Stowe, VT. This summer, the Aces are hosting our first Battle for the Buoy on Cape Cod.

How do you approach playing time in tournament games?
Due to a number of factors, playing time during any one particular game may vary, but our goal is to provide equal playing time over the duration of the entire tournament.

When and where are the practices?
For the Boston Aces in 2017-18, practices will generally be either in Hingham, Cohasset, Hanover, or Plymouth.

Are practices and skills sessions mandatory?
No, practices and skill sessions are not mandatory for our players. We encourage our players to play multiple sports and recognize that schedules can conflict during the year. However, we encourage all of our players to attend their team skills and practice sessions, as well as all of our scheduled tournaments.

Who will be coaching my child’s team?
The Boston Aces have recruited exceptional coaches at every grade level, who pride themselves on being thoughtful instructors and role models. Each particular grade level will have access to multiple coaches during the year to provide greater opportunities for instruction and development. Once the summer tournament teams are chosen, however, the teams will go through the summer season with
the same coaches for each tournament. 

What is the refund policy?
We have a no refund policy once you accept your invitation for a roster spot on an Aces team. 

If I participated with the Aces last season do I need to tryout?
Yes. Each year, current players continue to develop and new players join.
Accordingly, it is only fair to have players tryout each year. Girls interested in the Juniors program do not need to try out.

What equipment is required?
Goggles, stick, cleats and mouth guard. Players are expected to arrive at all tryouts, practices, skills sessions, and games properly equipped.

Can we play for another Club team?
If you're making a commitment to the Aces program we ask that you do not participate with another club program. Who can I contact if I have questions about the program? You can email aces@kingslax.com if you have any questions regarding the Aces program.


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